Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tips for Two

I went on an internet hunt for tips on transitioning to two kids and found very little to help. I figured I'd share the few I did find and/or came up with. But I'm putting out a plea for more. If you have any, please email me and I'll post it, or you can leave it in the comments sections.

As you can tell by the first few, I don't have much...and you're talking to a desperate woman.

1. Buy a Becco sling. The sling hasn't been the savior I hoped for, but it is still necessary. This has been the most versatile and comfortable of the 5 plus slings we own.

2. Never travel empty-handed: every time you leave a room, take a handful of items that need to be put away in other rooms (assuming your hands aren't already full of babies). You can even carry around a laundry basket to put things in and redistribute them to their proper place - just try not to waste any movement.

3. Set aside special toys for the older child to play with only when you need to nurse the baby.

4. For breakfast, give them a snack cup full of dry, healthy cereal. The time it takes them to feed themselves will buy you at least half an hour.

5. Buy a brest-friend pillow - it attaches to your waist and creates a sturdy shelf while nursing.

6. Hire a nanny. (Although if you can afford to do this, you don't need any of these tips)
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Casey said...

When you have a newborn and an older child and both of them are crying at the same time, see what is wrong with your older child first. It may sound bad but the older child will remember that you didn't tend to them where the newborn wont.

cottontales said...

4. bummis bio liners ( My kids get into huge messes, when I am trying to wring out a diaper.)
3. Divide and conquer. My husband does the laundry and trash.
2. I make a list of all the things I need to get done on a big dry erase board, and cross them off when I am done. This helps keep me organized, and I can see even though the house is a mess, I did get something accomplished.
1. Schedule. When the baby settles into two good naps a day, you will find ample time to get much more done... although leaving the house is not always an option.

These are some of the tips that have helped me the most. I bet you are catching on just fine though.